Racquet Restringing

For All Player Types & Needs

Tennis Programs Victoria provides an extensive restring and regripping service for all makes and models of tennis rackets. We have one of the largest selection of strings in Victoria ranging from a basic synthetic nylon to a high natural gut string. All restrings come with a full 30 day warranty. We carry an full range of Polytec strings, Pacific, Kirschbaum, Luxilon, Wilson and Yonex. When choosing a string, it is important that choose what kind of string suits your game best and how long you would like the string to last for. Generally speaking, the thicker the string the longer it lasts.

We carry a vast range of polymer, polyester, multifilament and also hybrid options as well as different gauges(thicknesses). Another factor in choosing which string is best for you is dependant on your tennis game. For example, you may want a string with more power or one with more control, or even one with more topspin. Once you have chosen your string it is then time to choose your tension. All our staff are highly experienced in helping you make the right decision when it comes to choosing your restring with us. We also carry a big range of replacement and over grips.

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The coaches at TPV go out of their way to bring the best out of you both on and off the court. They are always friendly and if I’m a little sad, they always make me smile. I always leave my lessons wanting to come back the following week.


I enjoy my tennis here at TPV and have learnt a great deal. I have lots of fun and my lessons are challenging and engaging. The coaching staff are vey friendly and always take time to explain things if you don’t understand anything.


Tennis Programs Victoria coaches provide tennis tailored to you with vast knowledge over all aspects of the game. TPV is the best tennis coaching experience I have had both mentally and physically and have the most improvement in my game to date.


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