Junior Tennis Coaching

Private 1 on 1

Junior Private tennis lessons are based on specific needs for athletes depending on specific requirements and goals. Lessons range from 30 mins to 2 hours and from one session per week to 6. These lessons are aimed at the student or athlete who wishes to either improving their game to a local competition standard or those wishing to advance their career to a professional or tournament level. The lessons are broken down specifically to improve all areas of weakness and to enhance the player to improve and compete in their desired level. All facets of the game are analysed specifically to their individual needs and then systematically worked on in a one on one environment.

Weaker technical strokes are paid special attention whist stronger areas are made better through various hitting and intense ball feeding repetitive drills. Our experienced and high level playing coaches have the ability to not only practice hitting but to also simulate match practice situations with their athlete. Video analysis is constantly used in these sessions to enhance the players perception and give them a full understanding of where they are technically deficient which in turn gives them a clearer understanding of how their stroke should be executed.

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The coaches at TPV go out of their way to bring the best out of you both on and off the court. They are always friendly and if I’m a little sad, they always make me smile. I always leave my lessons wanting to come back the following week.


I enjoy me tennis here at TPV and have learnt a great deal. I have lots of fun and my lessons are challenging and engaging. The coaching staff are vey friendly and always take time to explain things if you don’t understand anything.


Tennis Programs Victoria coaches provide tennis tailored to you with vast knowledge over all aspects of the game. TPV is the best tennis coaching experience I have had both mentally and physically and have the most improvement in my game to date.


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