Adult Tennis Coaching

Private 1 on 1

Private lessons are available for adults of all ages and standards. Our team of experienced coaches can improve your tennis game both technically and tactically. Private lessons ensure you our client, receive a one on one lesson to work specifically on areas in your tennis game that are weaknesses to gain maximum improvement. These sessions will maximise your time on court with our highly experienced coaches and ensure your tennis game improves dramatically.

Each weakness is addressed and improvements are made through correct analysis and correction and specific drills and ball feeding to enhance the stroke. All aspects of tennis are looked at from technical through to movement patterns with the aim of improvement in all areas. Private tennis lessons are the best and quickest way to learn and improve as it allows the coach to work specifically with you and your needs. Everyone has a different objective and therefore each client has their lesson structured to their own personal needs. Lessons can vary from one session per week to 5 depending on budget and requirements.

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The coaches at TPV go out of their way to bring the best out of you both on and off the court. They are always friendly and if I’m a little sad, they always make me smile. I always leave my lessons wanting to come back the following week.


I enjoy me tennis here at TPV and have learnt a great deal. I have lots of fun and my lessons are challenging and engaging. The coaching staff are vey friendly and always take time to explain things if you don’t understand anything.


Tennis Programs Victoria coaches provide tennis tailored to you with vast knowledge over all aspects of the game. TPV is the best tennis coaching experience I have had both mentally and physically and have the most improvement in my game to date.


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