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Tennis Programs Victoria provides an extensive path to player pathways. We have been developing pathways over 25 years for all skill levels and standards. TPV can show you how to achieve your own personal goals from playing junior club competition right through to tournament level. We know that not everyone has aspirations of becoming a professional tennis player and therefore we have programs to suit every individual. Through our experienced coaches we guide you on your journey with us to enable you to reach your goals and fulfil your potential. Our pathways start from the early 3 year Hot Shot player to the full timer athlete.

TPV also has access to scholarships to American College Universities, full time player programs, international academies and tournament touring both nationally and internationally. These programs and pathways are designed for the elite athlete who has aspirations of becoming a professional tennis player with programs ranging from 6 to 20 hours per week. These programs include specialised periodical training blocks with the athletes tournament schedule, individualised player programmes, goal setting, dietary advice, strength and conditioning and intense training schedules. All athletes are treated with the mindset that their ambition is to play on the international circuit and therefore their training schedule and work ethic should reflect their ambitions.

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The coaches at TPV go out of their way to bring the best out of you both on and off the court. They are always friendly and if I’m a little sad, they always make me smile. I always leave my lessons wanting to come back the following week.


I enjoy me tennis here at TPV and have learnt a great deal. I have lots of fun and my lessons are challenging and engaging. The coaching staff are vey friendly and always take time to explain things if you don’t understand anything.


Tennis Programs Victoria coaches provide tennis tailored to you with vast knowledge over all aspects of the game. TPV is the best tennis coaching experience I have had both mentally and physically and have the most improvement in my game to date.


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